Pics shown on the home page, in 2012.

Monument Valley, July 2012

Milano, Dec 2012

Milano, Dec 2012

Yokohama, Japan - Nov 2012

Nikko, Japan - Oct 2012

Kongo Rikishi in Nikko, Japan - Oct 2012

Kongo Rikishi in Nikko, Japan - Oct 2012

Stephansdom, Wien - Nov 2012

One of the best Softail I've ever seen! Nikko, Oct 2012
I know, this may not feel like "Japanese" :) but Harley Davidson bikes are quite popular in Japan, and I've always loved their peculiar style: it's different from American or European one :)

Odaiba, Tokyo - Oct 2012

Rinno-ji Temple Garden, Nikko, Japan - Oct 2012

Tokyo, Dec 2011

Brenna, Oct 2012

Heading to Death Valley, California - Jul 2012

Ka-BOOOM! :) Bryce Canyon, Utah - July 2012

Faak am See, Osterreich - Sept 2012.

Faak am See, Osterreich - Sept 2012.

Faak am See, Osterreich - Sept 2012.

Faak am See, Osterreich - Sept 2012. What a weekend!!

San Diego, Aug 2012

Monte Rosa before sunset - Sept 2012

Gaslamp, San Diego - Aug 2012

Teuscher, Zurich - Aug 2011

Bryce Canyon, Utah - Jul 2012

Lightning storm in Arches Park, Utah - Jul 2012

Patrick's 1982 H-D! South Rim, July 2012

A book, an H-D, the road to Death Valley and me :)

Malibu, CA, Jul 2012

US Route 163, Utah - Aug 2010

Kyoto, april 2010

Tsukiji shijo, Tokyo - Dec 2011

Milano, Jul 2012

Milano, April 2012

Torre di San Niccolo', Firenze - June 2012

Guimaraes, Portugal - Aug 2011

Milano, Sept 2011

Mount Resegone in near-IR light from Pian del Tivano, Como - June 2012

Milano, Stazione Centrale, May 2012

Piazza S.Babila, Milano - April 2012

Palace of Duques de Braganca, Guimaraes, Portugal - Aug 2011

Tra la via Emila e il West - May 2012

Castle of Serralunga d'Alba, Langhe, in near-IR light - July 2011

Langhe in near-IR light, July 2011

Porto, summer 2011

In the family #4 :)

Tokyo tower and sakura, Tokyo - April 2010

Tsukiji shijo, Tokyo - Dec 2011

Stone lanterns near Kasuga-taisha, Nara - Japan, April 2010

The Milky Way and me, in Arches Park - Utah, Aug 2010

On the beach - Iceland, Dic 2011

Vik, Dec 2011

A lonely horse in Iceland, Dec 2011

Not our plane, luckily :) Iceland, Jan 2012

Ice crystals! It's quite cold these days :D

Ice on the shore - Iceland, Jan 2012

The ending phase of Aurora Borealis, in the morning. Iceland, Jan 2012

The Northern Lights here were so bright and powerful! This shape crossed the sky moving so fast, and it seemed so alive.. awesome! Iceland, Jan 2012

Without the moonlight in the sky, the Northern Lights are so bright and detalied! The green cast on the snow was amazing :) Iceland, Jan 2012

The Northern Lights, with Ursa Major in the background. The Moon was still high, enlightening the sky and the environment - tomorrow I'm uploading a shot without the Moon, it's when the Aurora really shines. Iceland, Jan 2012

The Northern Lights before moonset, on the north. This huge arc crossed the whole sky moving slowly, sooo cool! :D Iceland - Jan 2012

The Moon setting over Jokulsarlon, and the Aurora. It was 3.45am and we were shooting since 11pm, but it was just the beginning.. :D Iceland - Jan 2012

Sturm und Drang in Vik, Iceland - Dic 2011

Jokulsarlon, Iceland - Jan 2012. Happy New Year :)

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